A Teen

TTTO vixy&Tony’s “Thirteen”

Well, we had a kid a while ago, he was so cute when he would play
Saw him growing up, so beutiful, we loved him more from day to day
But the years piled on, not one day missed him, and now I cannot still pretend
That kid has grown, he is no baby, he’s now a teen at childhood’s end

Please don’t grow, a baby be
Oh kid, won’t you take some pity on me
The devil himself couldn’t cause more trouble
So how can you be so mean?
A teen, a teen, a teen, a teen

Oh, kid I can’t tell where you’re going, and you won’t tell me where you’ve been
A few years ago you were just a baby, who said adulthood could come in
You disobey and you cause trouble, yet you still have on that cute grin
This ain’t war, this ain’t a battle, you won’t lose and we can’t win


I’ve given up, do what you want to, I can’t control you anymore
The leash is gone and you are free now, go forth now, the world explore
I’ve given you all that I could now, I hope that you won’t let me down
But just remember this one thing now, you’re still my kid, whenever I’m around