At Amberleaf Fair

Based on “At Amberleaf Fair”
Lyrics based on the snippets from the book cover.
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Student and crafter and merchant all here
Come meet new strangers or friends you hold dear
Who will be chosen and who will be hurt
That is the question the young mage will sort

Magic and mystery await those who dare,
To enter the game at Amberleaf Fair

A pendant for citron? Is that a fair trade?
It is in far places, the merchant has said
Magic stops stealing but not those who give
False accusations are hard to forgive

Come dance and tempt romance and unbraid your hair
Come hither, make merry at Amberleaf Fair

Come to the magic show, see things unseen
The globe showing images of what has been
Drink up the colors that steal away breath
Spin fortunes of life, play dark games of death

Magic and mystery, fates to beware
Our story unfolds at Amberleaf Fair

Friends once again as the choices were made
False accusations to rest now are laid
All now are leaving, the fair is now done
Merchant and student and crafter all gone

Come back next year in the cool autumn air
See friends and new strangers at Amberleaf Fair