Sorceress Maid

TTTO Echo’s Children “Warrior Maid”

They called me hard hearted and bringer of strife
When they saw the evil I’d done
For my mother and father I killed with a knife
When I needed zombies for fun

For I am a sorceress; death walks at my shoulder
And preversion of life is my trade
The staff is not harder, and ice is not colder
Then the heart of a sorceress maid

He came to the battlefield to gather the slain
His army of ghouls to increase
The zombies to raise and to feast on a brain
In death they would find no release

As I stood in the shadows, to hide from his sight
He picked those most whole of the men
And I found myself watching him, starting his rite
Reminding myself once again

I brought from the battlefield the best of the best
Approaching his castle with dread
For I knew that this day, I was charged with a quest
To enter his lab and his bed

As he taught me my skills I have flourished and grown
I learned all he taught me and more
And although he suspected I wanted his throne
I learned from him all of his lore

No servent am I, but a sorceress still
And my husband walks proud at my side
And no wizard has harmed him and none ever will,
For this zombie has already died

For I am a sorcereress; death keeps me in wonder
And the ruin of life is my trade
And my army is ready for pillage and plunder
With the will of a sorceress maid
And there can be nothing, above me or under
To challenge a sorcerress maid