Whine Away

TTTO “Tune Away!” by Brooke Lunderville

You’ve pulled some facts right out of your ass
We hoped that you were done, but not so - alas
And we know that we all are in for a treat
As this old dead horse, you soon will beat

Whine away! Whine away, guys
For you know we want to hear your cries
Whine away! We will stay right here
‘Till you’ve said your complaints for us to hear

In life you sometimes have to endure
Some unpleasantness but there is a cure
If you just shed tears and say “it’s not fair”
And shout enough, we will come to care


Some people die and starve on the street
And others try hard to make the ends meet
But if your toe is stubbed or someone is rude
Just cry and pout, and twist and shout, and also brood