Super Mario Bros.

TTTO “Re: Your Brains”, Jonathan Coulton

Hi Mario, it’s me, Luigi, don’t you know
Good to see you brother, in this place
Things don’t look ok for us, for, see we’re in a new universe
I really wish we’d have a mace
I think that I can safely say that we don’t understand
What is just the meaning of this deadly little land
But here’s just what I think: we’re both gonna be jumping

All we want to do is clear your drains
We’re not invincible, if you kill us we will die
All we want to do is clear your drains
We’re at this strange strange world, but no matter what we’ll try
Open up the floors, we will fall inside
And clear your drains

I don’t want to nitpick, Mar, but it seems we have no plan
Will we free the princess from the fort?
Maybe that’s OK for us, but someday we’ll be just plain out of luck
And our jumps will fall too short
I’m not surprised to see that we are winning, after all
We are quite used to having the floor beneath us fall
But bro, I think I’m scared: and I think that we will fail shortly


I’d like to help Princess, in any way I can
I sure appreciate the way you’re working with me
I’m just a plumber, bro, well technically I am
You know I am

I think we should head back now, maybe we could wrap it up
I know that we will both get home somehow
Meanwhile we’ll keep jumping to the place where we both want to be in
I guess we have survived – for now
I’m sad to see that we have fallen down this deep well
For the way it looks to me, I believe it’s worth than hell
And we’ll try to forget, when we reach our home safely