Don’t Cut In

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><em><strong>Don’t Cut In</strong></em></font>
Original: No Quarter (Echo’s Children)

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In my car I drive to work, I need to get there soon
I should have been there nine am and now it’s almost noon
My car does not have honor guard, it does not have a crew
But now I cannot get all those, and what I must I’ll do

Don’t cut in, don’t cut in, or you’ll be dragon bait
‘Cause I will do all that I must, I don’t want to be late

Ancients legends talk of gods who fly at scary speed
Though I’m here on the ground, to do the same I need
And so I’ll not be tardy, or not by much, at least
I don’t care who will pay for it, be it man or beast

I know what’s the alternative, to sit here all day long
So I will drive on sidewalks too, although I know it’s wrong
Here that engine roaring, as I drive over the slow
Now here’s a tip to doing that – stay in a gear that’s low

The toll of dead is rising, so do what you will, dear sir
And you – dear ma’am – do what you will, I kill both him and her
I care for debts of honor not at all, nor what is fair
And if you drive in front of me – my god, the gall, you dare?

So don’t get on the road unless you’ll be there with a tank
‘Cause I don’t care just what you do, or what you claim as rank
For if I find you in my way, all’s fair in drive and war
The last thing that you will hear shall be my engine’s roar