In Black – the Man

TTTO “Stray Dog Man” by Bill Sutton
Note: Still some scansion issues I need to clean up. Singer beware!

I’ve long ago left home, and I drive here on the road
The aliens who choose to stay all keep me on my toes
But it’s the humans who go too far, and I don’t see why it’s me
Who have to play a meter maid in this corner of the galaxy

I’m in black – the man, and I do what I can
To keep you poor old humans in the dark
But I wish the ones in space would stay there in their place
‘Cause the aliens can’t find a place to park

I was sittin’ back in HQ in my jacket, having a beer
It was a hot and muggy evenin’, but the sky was not that clear
When I heard a distant echo of a crash in 5 Space-lane
So I run outside, and got to space, and thought “oh, no, again?”

And I could see the Mir space station had a scratch across its back
Despite my fears and horrors it was no alien attack
Just some Venus ship politely parking in the dark night sky
Was crashing as the station Mir was rudely flying by


There were some memories to erase, and ones to plant instead
But at least there were no casualties, got back in time for bed
I’ve been going out every night alone, I don’t know what to do
As the spaceships are colliding with the vessels spaced by you

It’s really cute that you’re going to space, though.
I just hope you don’t hit anyone from Ursa Major –
They’re a Major pain in the Urse

I finally got the NASA budget cut and I was glad to find
That you’re all getting back to earth and leaving space behind
I’m telling you, it was a war I had no strength to fight
So people don’t go flying out into the crowded night


I thought that was the end of it, but then a month went by
The goddamn silly SpaceShip One is going up to fly
I went outside to smooth the feathers, all the aliens cursed
But as you could deduce by what it’s called, it’s just the first

It happens every month or so, I’m rather getting vexed
As soon as they got one to fly, they’re working on the next
So I’m getting on a rocket, I ain’t never coming back
I won’t be here when Ursa finally’s going to attack