Love Letter (the Conservative version)

Ben Newman has a lovely song called “Love Letter”, which is a metaphor for Progressive Judaism. I could not resist attempting to rewrite it to be about my affiliation – Conservative Judaism. Here’s a version of the last four verses which resonates more closely with my beliefs:

Please don’t say you expect me to make sense of this vastness
For the words are too tricky and so…
See, while some of the laws do make sense when I read them
There are rules that I still need to know

I’ve occasionally heard
That law doesn’t endear
And that what we have here
Is a legal dispute

We both know that’s absurd
But the rules are exacting
As debate they’re attracting
And I am in pursuit –

I just feel that good laws here can still be decided
That’s why I read the words once again
We can talk this thing through, we can learn it anew
Learn it over and over – ‘cause I’ll love you forever –
Each time falling in love with you all over again