Music in the 21st Century

<p style=”margin-left:30px;”><font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><i><b>Music in the 21st Century</b></i></font>
Original: Cicero in the 21st Century (Steve Savitzky)

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Times were good two thousand years ago
It’s obvious, just take a look
Everybody was a poet
Although most couldn’t read books
Well it’s been a long time since ancient Rome
But look around and you can see it plain
Though most are in decline we are just doing fine
And we’re whistling a new refrain:

Yes these are wonderful times that we live in
Though society does not like our ilk
Children have some independence
And we are all writing filk

Writing songs used to take a lot of work;
But parodies are a snap
You just change some words and it’s over
Though a lot of the time it is crap
Kanef has come along showed how to write a song
It is important to conserve more then one song a tune can serve
And ninety-nine percent of them do

So now we’re going to a new filk con
And everyone will sing what they please
It may be off key and off meter
Not everyone can be performance wiz
Some come all you need is some lyrics
And a tune to serve as your base
If it’s popular at all we’ll sing and have a ball
We have fun and just don’t care if you’re singing like a bear
So stay until the dawn I don’t think you’ll be alone
And we’ll sing ‘till we’re blue in the face