Speeding Ticket

TTTO “Hey Yo Yah” by Dany Sanderson

<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z18SXxNV1TQ&amp;feature=related”>YouTube video of a random band performing the original</a>

The morning’s came, the car had gas
The GPS was ready
I’ve punched the destination in
My driving hands were steady

I had to try hard not to speed
For tickets I had just no need
I copied from a car its style
I followed it for miles and miles

Hey Yo Yah
Policeman’s here
Hey Yo Yah
I’ll have to pray
Hey Yo Yah
It’s not my year
Hey Yo Yah
It’s not my day

The car that I was following
Had thought I was annoying
The driver, he had had enough
With me, he was not toying

He waved for me to go along
I figured, I can do no wrong
I’ll speed it up, just for a bit
But with the radar I was hit


Now officer, please pity me
Let me off with a warning
I promise that I will behave
At least until next morning

I’ll choose the cars to follow well
Until we reach the gates of hell
It’s creepy, I apologize
I’m really truly sorry guys