Must Hurry

Original: No Hurry (Michelle Dockerey)

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The horns beeps in the morning make a loud annoying sound
In the lane that’s to my right an empty place I found
As I swerve too fast I almost crash, but I still can keep my speed
To get to work on time – that is my sole need

Must hurry, must hurry now,
Overtake from the left, overtake from the right
Must hurry, must hurry now,
Swerve into lanes when the margin is tight
Must hurry, must hurry now,
If I lose a minute, I have lost a way
Must hurry, must hurry now
And the office is so far and away


We crest the hill and see a huge jam by the shore
Pass the signpost for a speed that’s not helpful anymore
We made such good speed so far, but now we drive so slow
And the time when I had to be at work is now so long ago


I try to take a shortcut, but it looks like so have they,
And if I will not be at work, there will be hell to pay
Though our labour is of burden beasts, our speed is that of snails
We drive slow in the traffic on the roads and on the trails


Papa tells me to take care, but this driving’s all I’ve known
Still I wonder what it’s like to call the zen monk’s calm your own
To avoid the honks and anger, not try to win that race
But it’s hard not to get angry when you move at such a pace