The Alpha-Beta Song

Another one without a TTTO. They multiply. This one was because the Israeli filk community has decided to protest the lack of songs of Beta Centauri, a star not less worthy of attention than Alpha.

We came to the earth from afar
Frozen for most of the distance
And though earthmen can see our home star
Their mistakes they still make with persistence!

We hail from the star Beta
Our pride do not insult
You do not have the data
These alphans are a cult!

Alpha Centauri’s a place
Where all of the natives are crazy
They’re dirty with mud on their face
And frankly, we think that they’re lazy

But still all you people still think
From Alpha, our neighbour, we landed
Although there the natives all stink
And they’re still, on their planet, stranded

So tell me how can you mistake
Us for the look of our cousins?
We all hope, sometime soon, you will wake
The distinctions are there by the dozens

The alphans all wear garb of green
Our green is a tad different shaded
And they had a king and a queen
‘Till their planet, well, we had invaded