Something to Chat About

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TTTO “Something to Sing About”

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Life’s a channel, there are the joins and parts
And when the convo starts
We tend to use our larts
It’s alright if some answers are just wrong
They’ll get corrected before long
Within a light-furlong

The intarweb is great
Every download’s a gift
Software can segfault
Pair while you write code
So hard
All day

To be like other channels
To fit in in this glittering network
Don’t give us chats
Don’t give us chats
Give us something to chat about

Life’s a channel you don’t get to be op on
And if you are alone
It’s like holding up a ton
Still my friends don’t know why I /ignore
The million chumps or more
When their code is such eyesore

All the privmsgs they send
Family and friends
The DCC abends
Well that
On if Mr. Joe
On if he knows enough to know
That when you ask
Listening to the answer’s
Your task

There was no pain
No fear, no doubt
Til I joined the channel
So that’s my refrain
I live in hell
Because I chose to join the channel
I think I joined the channel
So give me something to chat about
Please give me something…

Life’s not a channel
You should get a life
Or maybe a wife: start living
You’ll get more calm
And answers you’ll give
You’ll get less vindictive by living
You really should start living
At least one of should be living