Gave Up Too Soon

TTTO “Spoke to Soon” by Brooke Lunderville

Our lords and our ladies are craving the metals
They all want the gold, every fop, knight and and dunce
So the question is now: can we use all the lead here
And the alchemists have now all started the hunt

We walk blind and desperate, pretending it’s science
Rewards are quite big though our chances our small
Silver is nice, although Gold is our calling
And lead is not worth it, not worth at all
And to make gold from lead or to even make silver
Would make us all famous, oh, it would be nice
We’re wise men of folly, in labs with our science
We’re wise men of folly, with gold to entice

We found a stone, and we think it’s the answer
We think that this stone will solve all of our plights
Making it useful is just a formality
But the doubters all say that we can’t just be right

For we know that the rich folk have different agendas
With all of the gold that they want they are born
They spread lies, that we are just fooling about
Now they are all wrong, but it won’t stop the scorn


For the science of physics has proven us right now
We finally have all that we have pursued
Though men lost their minds and their wits and their bodies
We’re finally happy, we won’t spoil the mood

It just takes some force and the atoms all shatter
The protons, and neutrons, we’ll change – as we said
The atoms we’ll change to increase them in value
“You see all this gold, well, it once was but lead
Yes this gold, well, it once was but lead”