TTTO “Mary Ellen Carter” by Stan Rogers

He died again last episode, amidst the pouring rain
He drowned in a pothole and his last breath came in pain
He did the same before that, for each one deals mortal blows
Though the humor in his death is kind of low
He went up in a fire and has left a pile of ash
And nobody could save him, and no one really tried
And as the plot was silly, it has caused us to proclaim
That the poor kid who mumbles died again

Well the writers wrote him off, not a thought for him they’ll spend
They needed him to die for them, and so his life would end
And he soon became fan-favorite, the boy who would not go
So his soul would not stay in the sky, or in the hell below
Despite of all his dying, in the series he’ll remain
Though the poor kid who mumbles died again

Dies again, dies again,
Let the God take his soul as he does with all the men
All those who were his friends and were with him to the end
They will know the kid who mumbles die again

All summer we have waited for the show had to return
We want to see him poked and pushed, to see his body burn
And though he is not stupid, and you cannot call him slow,
He somehow still knows not to death he’ll go
But we watched the show, glued to the screen, and saw him going down
We saw him dead and gone and now he’s buried in the ground
He was too shocked and scared and now his heart won’t take the strain
As, again, the kid who mumbles dies again


But we know that one day, not that soon, he will not make the grade
And nobody, not friend nor foe, will rush to give him aid
And he’ll keep on, dead and buried, rotting slowly in his grave
When his life will never another day
And you to whom adversity has dealt the final blow
When fate cruel hand has hit you hard, to quick grave you will go
At least a hope remains to you, if you like to eat brain
As a zombie, from the ground, rise again

Dies again, dies again
Though by now it is known that his death is not his end
No matter what he is to you, a character or friend
For we know the kid who mumbles dies again