Just Because It Ran Out of Juice

TTTO “Rak Bishvil Lekabel Hibuk” by Eifo Ha’Yeled

I am hoping for more time before I have to charge again
And the LED is blinking now, I think it will be over soon
The movie I saw was too long and the network have been a constant drain
I am getting the warning now, and I haven’t charged, I think, since noon

And it is shutting down – now
This is final
It’s now
This is final
And the screen has gotten black
Just because it ran out of juice
Just because it ran out of juice

So the charging is a must
Or your device is going bust
Oh I know you cried and fussed
But it’s not unjust

The power in this device has limits still
It’s needed now, so chord inside the charging hole please thrust