TTTO “מנגב לך את הדמעות” by Shlomo Arzi

I am putting my armor on, my sword is now strapped to my side
And I’m stepping into all the fray, though I really desire to hide
I have given up comforts now, like the sweet linen on top of the bed
For my mission is simple now – I’m the one who’ll avenge all the dead

The fight must go on, I have come too far to quit
Through the blood, through the tears, through the sweat and mud and spit
It’s now up to me, and I have to clear my head
When I’m tempted to quit – I just think to myself of the dead

The army has marched on through, and I know scorched earth only’s behind
But I dig through the rubble still, for something, just something, to find
And I see that my luck still holds, there’s a message here from the GM
Yes I am but a LARPer man, there’s no reason my game to condemn