Magical Treasures

TTTO “הלילות הקסומים” by The Witches

Hook, cliche, a clue, a map
Wake up early from your nap
Strap your sword and bring your picks
Learn your spells, rehearse your tricks

Gonna crawl through dungeons soon
Challenges along them strewn
Make no sense, but we don’t care
We just want our treasure’s share

It’s so much fun, just to hack and to slash
Kill the monsters with swords, or with mace heads to bash
So a fighter, a wizard, a thief and a priest
Are slashing through evil and slaying the beasts

Monsters have some magic stuff
But we know it’s not enough
If we brave this dungeon through
We’ll find treasure, please our crew


So we reached this dungeon’s end
And I cannot recommend
Doing what we have now done
Treasure was already gone