Uncle Ben

TTTO “Arthur Curry” by Ookla the Mok

Jean Grey, was a phoenix dark, she died and then came back
And Superman, well he died in the comics, but not long the world him lacked
All the other characters in comic books
If they die, they come back later, it’s a standard track
But I know that there won’t come a day
I’m not coming back, no how, no way

I am uncle Ben, power and responsibility
May be nothing to you, but I think that they correlate you see
Now please let me reassure you, I am dead and in the ground
I am uncle Ben, and you better not mess around

There are days, I swear, I’d whip Peter raw
The proportionate brain of a T. rex too small
But I can’t, in heaven, here I’m stuck
I have to trust that he’ll make right calls

Colossus, gave up his life, but Joss wanted him too bad
It seems like everybody else has died, but as much as I tried
I’m not going to live, it’s all so sad
Green Arrow has died, but he didn’t remain so
But when goodbye I had said, well forever I did go
I’m not as tough as Batman, was killed by a gun
The fault was not all Peter, who I loved as my own sun


Peter wouldn’t be the same, if he didn’t feel like he’s to blame
Like he, and not the crook, had took my life
Even my wife aunt may, says that he is not to blame, he’s a good boy now
But he has a life of sorrow and strife

Bucky, the Captain’s friend, has come back from the dead
Jason Todd was soon to join him, and has left me all alone here
But of life back on earth I so dread
So not me, I guess, I’ll stay right here
I’ll sit here up in heaven and I’ll drink my beer
It’s tough to live on earth and you know I’m no fool
With death that’s permanent now, I guess that I am cool