TTTO “I Want To Die (Like They Do In Sci-Fi)” by Brooke Lunderville

Mr. McFly is a real poor old nerd
Though his young boy’s a musician to be
He’s friends with a scientist that has no beard
And there’s one person he’ll soon again see –

You want to die, oh
I think so, McFly
You’re gonna do what I say
Or I will make your ass pay
You want to die
Oh, I think so McFly
If you will do something new
You’ll gain it all or this rue

So we’ll travel to the past, where you’ll do damage that won’t last
Or perhaps we’ll see the future ‘cause we must save your kids
We will split up the timeline, ‘cause it so screws with your mind
And then to put it all back we will risk all with brave deeds


So now we’re finally back, and now the world has no lack
And the old nemesis Biff now does all that we command
It took three movies to go, it was a marvelous show
For some time-travel is weird, and it is hard to be planned

Biff’s gonna die
He is now ruled by McFly
He’s gonna do what he says
Or he will make his ass pay
Biff’s gonna die
He is now ruled by McFly
Who says there is nothin new?
For there is change that is true