Life of Geekboy

TTTO “Bride of Wolfman”, Ookla the Mok

Even a man who’s raised with love
And sleeps well every night
May become a geek when he learns of Trek
When the dialogue he’ll recite

People tell me that I’m insane yeah
Just because I got that mono-mania
My hobbies, by some people, are maligned
When you’re a geekboy it gets kind of lonely
And though I know I’m not the only one
There comes a time when you have to decide
Need to decide

And I cannot cook no food that’s worth a damn
I’m eating it right from the can – my spam
But I’m telling you it is that bad
And before I get kicked out by dad
Frustration with the basement I am rife
I want a life

I want a job man that’s plan to see
But I think that you will not disagree
That my outfit will need some redesign
People told me I should stop to skip
The showers – man that was really a good tip
And now I look and smell top-of-the line
Oh, I smell fine!

From the basement I have been cut by a knife
I’m a geekboy, I can never have a life

But though I really really tried
And I have waited for a sign
I still watch Star Trek when I’m on my own

And I can’t fool you, you can see
As soon as you will glance at me
That I am just a geekboy in your eyes
I’m still a geek who likes Trek deep inside
That is still what I do for fun
And this is what I’ll teach to my son
And you won’t pry
Trek from my fingers, ‘till I will lose my soul

I can never be the one you think’s right
I can never be the one you’ll talk to in the daytime light
I can only be the one who’ll teach you how in Star Trek’s truth is found
But I’m still alive
Reach for the skies!

And you’ll be coming with to the moon
For to space we will go real soon
I think you’ll agree
That my hobbies I’ll no longer hide