Pillar of Flame

TTTO “Horse with No Name”

When I was but a baby
In the water I started my life
Those are the songs that they all sing
But it doesn’t mean a thing
The first thing I knew was my life as a prince
Escaping the crowds
The bush was aflame and the heat was dry
And the air was full of sound

I’ve walked through the desert with a pillar of flame
As the people did naught but complain
In the desert you can follow the flame
It will keep on burning, ‘cause there’s never no rain
Nye nye nye, nanana, …

After running through the desert sun
We came to the sea which is red
It parted before us, we started to run
Across the dry sea bed
As the story unfolds, when it’s all said and told
I was sad that the army was dead


Now we’re a new people, and we are free
As we walk from sea to sea
Those are the song that they all sing
But it doesn’t mean a thing
In the desert there are hidden lakes underground
With a rock to disguise them above
I have led you to water and now I’ll turn around
To the homeland that I love