The End of the World by Cute Filkers

TTTO “Blind Date on the Island of Dr. Moreau” by Brooke Lunderville

I watch you singing next to me
The hard lines on my face to soften
I gently sigh and wonder about my future
Like what color should I have my coffin
Songs which are cheery
though they’re about feari-
ng the end of the world
I’m lying here curled

I heard the songs, about Vixy and Seanan and Brooke
But folks, I am here to tell you, that it is not quite how it looks
You all should know, it’s distraction, they’re not in a fight
And I know that by singing my song, my life – well it won’t last the night
There must be nothing wrong with how they are communicating
Now we all bit, so this is it and now the end’s awaiting

When I knew you learned chemistry
That was a sign for me, not for the best
That’s you’d start by poisioning people
Seanan’s disease kill the rest
And now I’m seeing Vixy
And what’s that she is mixing?
Well I cannot move a muscle
Stuck in a paradox of Russel

So when it started –

So, folks, remember that cute blonde
Seems sweet but has a name for her chainsaw
When she engages it do not respond
She probably wants to take your brains out
She won’t just break your heart
Though you can hope she’ll break your heart
You cannot avoid this terror
But do not repeat my error –


Well, maybe someone might live