Take My Money Please

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It is a well known policy, that you should follow friend
If money you would ask of me, make it an easy spend
Pile not the rules and hoops and proofs, please make sure I’m at ease
I am the one who’s buying, see, try harder me to pleasse

If you want my money, open your hand
Don’t try to make me force it through
I will not do as you command
You’ll lose the deal, and that you’ll rue

I will not give my mail to you, nor personal details
For all I know, your dinky store, in privacy it fails
Don’t ask me to try hard to choose a password for your site
Just take my money, smile and thank, and try to be polite

So I will bid goodbye to you, if money you won’t take
In private I will think, it’s true, that you made a mistake
And now I go to places where they want my business more
Now read this song I wrote to you, and bye bye, dear senore