Banned from Google

<p style=”margin-left:30px;”><font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><i><b>Banned from Google</b></i></font>
TTTO “Banned from Argo”, Leslie Fish

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When we got on the internet, we saw this cool new site
Where you could search all that you care, and it would get it right
But it seems it had limits to its hospitality
It sure was not prepared to cater hackers such as we

And we’re banned from Google, everyone
Banned from Google, and now searching isn’t fun
It seems the things that we did violated T-O-S
And now we hang our heads with shame, it wasn’t a success

When we started running load tests, just to see how it will go
We should have known right then that it will be a tale of woe
They blocked our address right then, and sent us their complaint
And when our lawyers read this they were so shocked they could faint

We tried to use Gmail-F-S to host our data far
But we did not read the small print, it is a thing they bar
Though all our data is right there, to us it is denied
When we lost all our mp3s we pouted and we cried

We’re now the best at surfing, but our seaching kind of blows
We’ve done the crime and now the time, it’s just life I suppose
We’re sorry about the banning and the hacking and the fuss
At least we’re sure that Google won’t be quick forgetting us!

‘Cause we’re saved in Google, everyone
Saved in Google, and the record won’t be gone
A hundred years or more, I know, it will be kept in there
But if you’ve not a thing to hide, we’re sure that you won’t care