I’m a Red Shirt

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><em><strong>I’m a Red Shirt</strong></em></font>
TTTO “Oh, Susannah”.
(One of the tunes I know how to play)

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I beamed down to this planet with a phaser in my hand,
But I’ve got this feeling suddenly that this might be the end
I wore this shirt, the color’s red
The planet, it was strange
But now I fear I might be dead
My fate I cannot change

I’m a red shirt, I die when we all land
I’m speared or shot or mangled,
And my red blood stains the sand

I had a dream the other night,
When we were all aboard
I thought I heard them call me to me
“This planet’s unexplored
We need you to go down there
But you won’t be alone
The officers will be with you”
The comlink did so drone


I soon will be in paradise
And then I’ll look all ‘round
And then I see the officers
Still safe upon the ground
These monsters though they killed me
Are now their friends you see
Although I’m dead and buried
They sure won’t cry for me