Goes Up to Eleven

TTTO “Hacker’s Heaven” by Steve Savtizky

When you’re starting up a rock band, there are two ways to proceed
Take the time to write good lyrics, or go flat out for speed
If we let them hear our lyrics, we will never win the race
So let’s get some scary speakers and make sure we got good bass

Let the speakers launch you backwards as we loose a scary yell
And you’re blasting all the people with a billion watts from hell
Let the others speak of safety, let the other bands be shy
This one goes to up eleven, don’t ask why

Ten-thousand watt speakers – there’s a reason they are banned
But when you’re in a hurry, you will blast them when you can
Use a simple chord progression (or just two chords if you dare)
It may not sound much like music, but just ask me if I care


And when we get to stardom, we will rock around the clock
With out of tune guitars, but it’s close enough for rock
It would take too long to tune them, so we might as well not try
Besides who wants to wait when it’s time to do or die


We will get ourselves some roadies, we will start a brand new craze
It will be our 15 minutes, though we know it’s just a phase
Let the parents of our fans make sure that they stay in bed
We’ll be acting out our dreams as the ears of fans we shred