An elf who’s dark

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TTTO What?

This is a test – I wrote this song without a “TTO”. I don’t know how to compose music. I am hoping someone will like this song enough to write a tune for it. If not, I may adapt it to a tune. I don’t know.

Life’s exciting!

Oh – and another note – the text was composed on the OLPC image I have running in VMware.

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Drizzt was just another elf, although his skin was dark
And on his home and family he surely left his mark
For by the time he left the place, it was no more the same
Now after more than twenty books we all recite his name

Drizzt, Drizzt, the elf with the black skin
Who managed to transcend all that’s taught by kin
The scimitars will cut and shred, all battles you will win

The drow lived in a city and it was below the ground
A shred of simple honesty was nowhere to be found
But Drizzt could not live with such rules, he kept true to himself
His moral inner fiber strong had made him save an elf


A dark elf with a trilogy, and then another one
About the life he chose to live beneath the blazing sun
He once was cool and special, but alas he is no more
For now all player characters are good drow in our lore