Through Merging Branches

TTTO “Through Woven Branches” by Ben Newman

Through the life that we have spent here
We have called this change our own
We have fixed this, we have morphed it
Turning each and every stone

For we know that we are masters
Any changes cannot last here
And we know this mission now is ours
In our hearts we carry all the scars

All the work here, we will cherish
We know just how hard it was
Yet each thing might need to perish
If we have a worthy cause

And when fires raging, burning
Through the fixes we’ll be churning
Fixing is a work that never ends
As we work in teams, and with our friends

Know, then, that we still remember
How it’s easy to destroy
So we teach to all our memebers
How to test ere they deploy

Here, in midst of all these changes
Common folks will call us mages
But we know the language that is true
If you’d like it we can teach you too