Moore’s Law

TTTO “Loke’ach Ta’Zman” from “Zlil Mechuvan”

When the CPU was new, back then
This guy, the call him Moor, this law he invented
It would double in transistors, time and again
It had since been quoted often, and poorly represented
But more transistors on a chip
Mean faster hardware costing less
And so computers have been growing still
And it will not stop I guess, yeah

In the year of 1971
10 micrometers chip, state-of-art represented
But these chips would be pretty soon outdone
3 micrometers chips, in just 4 years they were invented
And just in 7 or so years
They made 1-point-5 microns
And they would not be done with this for years
They would still hit the milestones, yeah

But software has been slowing through the years
With faster hardware, we still wait ‘till we’re in tears
With more and more transistors we are hit
The programs just run slower bit by bit
Some people write their working code in languages with a VM
And I say that if the code is working fine, that I would like to join them

90 nanomilimeters are the rage
We’ve all got those chips, and still the things are growing faster
For, you will see, in this nano day and age
11 nanomilis with the quantum stuff to master
We still do not know what we’ll do
When we have gone so small as that
But we’ll have 10 more years to figure out
And we are taking our time, yeah