“Eaten by Zombies” is Good

TTTO Tom Smith’s “Kidnapped by Pirates” is Good

Sometimes life isn’t all it might be
Sometimes it’s boring and pale
The same old routine, played out daily
And you wonder if you’d gone stale

Well, I can’t offer solutions
When on your parade it now rains
But being offed, well, if you must
By a creature who likes to say “brains”

And it’s oh no, off we go
We’ll run from the undead
Faster now, and far away
Lest a plate is made of our heads
I’m feeling so much scared now
Zombies’ table manners are rude
So I’m running for all I’m worth now, friends
“Eaten by zombies is good”

A zombie is looking fer brains my dear,
Gray cells are moist and sweet
He certainly eats it with pleasure my dear
To him, you’re all made out of meat

He don’t need no fancy cutlery
To pick apart at your brain
A crowbar to bash, there’s really no rush
Pretty soon you’ll stop feeling pain

And it’s oh no, off we go
The zombies are right here
Way hay, close now by
And what we’re feeling is sheer –
So much of this fright, more than even
Steven King had thought we would
Ah, the living, that’s right, we’re not leaving
“Eaten by zombies is good”

Now, “Murdered by pirates is good”, they said,
In the film The Princess Bride
But we find much more scary
If by zombies hands we died

There ain’t no reason why now our life
Has to fade to black
So let’s stop all our breathing
New brains will be our snack

So let me eat your brain right now
I promise I’ll be quick
And then you’ll be a zombie too
Now don’t you call me sick

We’ll go eating brains with relish
Though some people think it’s obscene
And tomorrow we will take over
We’ll zombie king and queen

And it’s oh no, off we go,
We are no fantasy
Way hay, far away,
Where more brains ought to be
And every night I love it more than
I ever thought I could
In the dead of night, they’re running scared
“Eaten by zombies” is good.
And we’ll take over all of humanity
“Eaten by zombies” is good!