The Watcher in the Mists

TTTO “The Collars” by Michelle Dockrey
Based on the “Mistborn” trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

I have grown up only watching, as my gaze had pierced the mists
The more I burn the tin, the more my vision it assists
I joined the crew by default, I could see they had no choice
I learned to look and listen and to seldom use my voice
I have kept to darkness, shadows, always seeing, never seen
Keeping still inside my secret place behind a misty screen

And the things that I am seeing I am helpless to affect
I can only watch and listen, not direct

Though I know not what has happend now I’m strong as well as keen
As the pewter helps me quell the pain that’s brought on by my tin
All have seen me brave the fire, I’m survivor of the flame
I cannot stay here uninvolved so I have joined the game
Now I’m hearing voices constantly, they’re telling me to kill
I cannot help but listen still their wish I won’t fullfill

And the things that I am seeing am I helpless to affect?
Can I only watch and listen, not direct?

I have given up my newfound strength, a watcher I’ll remain
And the voices have all gone away, I won’t hear them again
My report is etched in metal so it blinds the prying eye
I have sent away the knowledge for my role is but to spy
I can only hope and pray now, I can only wait and see
For a watcher’s what I am and I need no one watching me

The things that I am seeing I’m not helpless to affect
Though I only watch and listen, not direct