Standard Party

No tune yet.

If there is treasure to be found, you’ll have to fight you know
Because its guards will tend to be quite sad to see it go
So get your act together, get some friends to help along
And if you keep to standards, you are not likely to go wrong

See the ISO standards page
A cleric and a fighter
And the thief and clever mage
And no party can be tighter

If you want want just to hack it, you can do with somewhat less
The ISO is a bit too long, you can conserve, I guess
But you can’t do just want you want, so here’s what you can do
There’s something that is easier, and here’s a little clue

IETF’s standard’s homepage
The cleric is the fighter
And the thief is too a mage
And no party can be lighter

You know there’s all this money in the treasures that we find
And parties that have pooled their skills, their talents they combined
So with the money, come the fools, who think they’ll do as well
And now we’ve got this standard, and I can corruption smell

See the ECMA’s standards page
Druid cleric, and no fighter
Illusionist - not a mage
And the party’ll die tonight - er…