Cyanide is Natural

TTTO “Chocolate is a Vegetable” by Graham Leathers

Now all of your life, you’re told you’re better with organics
This industrial stuff is crap
White sugar, white flour or processed peanut butter
Are all commercial traps
Now here’s a kind of advice
If you want to do some vice
And you want to kill some health nut sap
Bitter almonds are the way
To have a better day
And to cause a slightly permanent nap

Cyanide is natural, it comes from a nut
That grows on a plant called a tree
It lives in the forest with its other tree brothers
Yes cyanide is natural you see

In the mediterrenian there lives a little tree
With its flowers all colored in pink
And in these there is potential
To make a confidential
Poison lots of people drink
Although some people think you can’t
This tree is just a plant
With roots in the soil where it grows
The sting of the trees
Is more lethal than of bees
And like them they can cause some woes


If you don’t want them to detect your murderous intentions
Then this poison should be on your brain
It’s organic, not a fake
And it kills for heaven’s sake
And not using it is plain insane
Just takes seconds for to kill
You don’t need to use the pills
I suggest that you can get a clue-in
It’s just wonderful means
To kill with no machines
What else would a body be doing