Lost Common Sense

TTTO “המגפיים של ברוך”

So he got a book of spells
And he figured what the hell
And he read the spells and started to do magic
To good sense he said goodbye
Did some cool stuff, “just to try”
Out of the window was thrown out all the logic

Soon his friends paid some mind
A solution tried to find
But he would not budge, he liked to play with fire
So they left him to himself
When the book he would not shelf
And they said that this whole thing was pretty dire

For when you do spells, you must take care
Of consequences, you must beware
But when you’re starting to do magic it’s so easy to get lost
You will only notice when you pay the cost

When a demon was let loose
Then he quickly offered truce
Serve the demon in return for mystic teaching
And the demon said OK
It was good loot for the day
For his darkened soul he knew he’ll soon be reaching

When the demon had his chance
Stole the man’s soul with a glance
And he ended all of life as we did know it
For the world it was too late
Magic sealed its sorry fate
Common sense comes back to bite you when you throw it