Smoking the Grass

TTTO “Flatten the Grass”, Echo’s Children

I find in the evenings three times out of ten
I need to relax and let steam off my brain
I smoke me some weed and my mind seems to clear
And though it’s illegal, it’s safer than beer
Now I’m a felon, though I did no harm
The world is messed up if it causes alarm
Repeat propaganda again and again
It still won’t convince me to cease and abstain

Smoking the grass, smoking the grass
There is no reason to not smoke the grass
Smoking the grass, smoking the grass
There is no reason to not smoke the grass

Drug propaganda has started the war
Watch all the death and observe all the gore
This policy looks like it’s all out of whack
It must be derailed and then thrown off its track
But we aren’t square and we don’t fit the mold
Spirits are free, we don’t do what we’re told
But we are not dangerous, I should remark
Why do they want us all locked in the dark?

Teachers all say “on drugs don’t take a chance”
I barely look up as I spare them a glance
“This is your mind” no attention I’ve paid
It is just a cartoon meant to make us afraid
They are being robots, just saying their lines
And I can’t really stand to hear more of their whines
Real facts they will not bring, or I would concede
Until they do that though, I’ll keep smoking weed

Peterkin told me he’s got on the side
Some stuff guaranteed for a wonderful ride
I tried dropping acid while high on the grass
Learned some cool things that you won’t see in class
The people who keep on just harping like crows
A mind that is open, they wish it would close
I think this is stupid, and I hope somehow
They’ll stop with the laws that the grass disallow