Oops, I did it again

TTTO “Oops”, Echo’s Children

Neck deep in a fight with some tubes and some beaks
I noticed it’s heating, though not as it should
When there sprang up a half-dozen quick acid leaks
Eating through equipment of metal and wood
It soon became clear that the theory is wrong
It’s too complicated for me to get right
I tripped on a minus that doesn’t belong
And that was when I had decided to write:

Oops, oops, the data’s all wrong here
When plotting it down, it’s not on a line
Oh well, it’s not always right dear
Science is tricky, I’d rather just whine

We were shooting the breeze, when we saw in the lab
A cyclotron idle, we wired it up
We added ingredients, all that we could grab
Poured the results that we had in a cup
It ate through containers, ‘till we found the one
To hold it all safely, our lab was destroyed
But we can say when it’s all said and done
That old 307 by all was enjoyed

We had words with advisors, “go lost” we were told
When we saw this miracle wouldn’t repeat
Reproduction was tried in some labs ‘round the world
But it seems none of them could accomplish the feat
We knew not what to do, how the ale to produce
Until we we had noticed and squaked with no grace
All it took to create this magnificent juice
Was crossing some wires, and folding some space