Higher Power

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For each set of some elements, there is the power set
If you take all its subsets, than this will be what you get
The function that for each x gives the set of order one
Containing it is will prove that it’s not smaller, this side’s done

A higher power always exists
There’s always something more
No matter just how you persist
A larger set will always soar

A set to all its subsets, for each function, let us take
The elements that are not in their image, a set make
Now, for each member of the set, its image cannot be
This set of curious elements, I hope you will agree

For if it is the image of some member, call it k
It is contained in this set, or it isn’t, either way
If it’s contained than it is not, if not than it’s contained
This paradox now shows us that a valid proof we gained

So now we know the power set cannot be equal to
The set that it is made of, and so now we see it’s true
It is the higher power, and this set is larger still
And so the powers of the sets, they always go uphill