The Scary Vampire Song

TTTO “The Hippotamus Song”, by Donald Swann and Michael Flanders

A scary vampire was standing one night
On the street, and the night it was dark
He gaze at the people walk in the light
‘Till he found a lady to mark

There ‘neath a streetlight, glorious hair
A sweet little wink of a maid
That scary vampire, with a look that was dire
Whispered and quietly preyed:

Blood, blood, such tasty blood,
Nothing quite like it, I’m telling you bud,
So follow me, follow, your blood I will swallow
I’ll swish in my mouth, such scrumptious blood

The scary vampire, no need to entice
He knew that his dinner was near
His sire not cared for to give him advice
Away from this maiden to steer

Like thunder his ears they picked up the sound
Of her footsteps, with thin long high heel
His victim on this night, prepared for a hard fight
She promised she’d not be a meal


Now the slayer when fighting she jumps and she whirls
It is hard from those punches to hide
And though all her kicks are those of a girl
When they hit you you’ll wish you had died

The vampires have learned, when their pal turned to ash,
To check well if a girl is their bane
And all scary vampires, that to long live aspire
Are careful when singing again: