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Original: Bugs (Steve Savitzky), a significant portion of the lyrics is adapted from Cicero in the 21st Centruy (Steve Savitzky)

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Way back in ancient Rome, if you could take a look
Children did all that they wanted, and everyone wrote a book
It is the same in this age too, society’s going to the dogs
Children act the same way, and everyone’s writing blogs

And it’s blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs
Blogs, blogs, BLOGS
There’s always some more blogs

A web site used to take work, now it’s all a snap
Any fool can click and write one, no matter if it’s crap
The contents are not clever, or interesting or true
Any idiot can do it, and ninety nine percent do

So if you care about nature, if you don’t want to cut trees
But you still feel that there’s someone whom your writing would please
Then you’ll want to write a new blog, find a dead horse to flog
Write endless tirades of ranting – or just put lyrics up in your blog