The World Outside the Crystal

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><i><b>The World Outside the Crystal</b></i></font>
Original: World Inside the Crystal (Steve Savitzky)

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Outside the world we live in
There’s another one at hand
It’s a world ablaze with wonder
Where nature fills the land

Like a magic crystal mirror
Reflected on my screen
Is an ocean and a forest
One is blue, and one is green

You can only see the shadows
Of electrons on a screen
This can only fake an image
Only show what might have been

When you play with words and music
And creation is the game
Then your symbols have the power
To become the things they name

But just once in a long while
You should try to go outside
Though your power here is limited
You cannot always hide


Call us hackers, call us wizards
For we know it’s with disdain
But we like it here, it’s comfortable
Of nothing we complain

With our pasty white complexion
And the LCD’s backlight
We sleep when outside it’s day
And code into the night