Please Don’t Invite Me

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I don’t want to be a vampire, nor a zombie living dead
I don’t want to level up, nor do I want to get ahead
If I’ll want to be a farmer, I’ll just go and buy a farm
And if I had a zoo, the animals would come to harm

Please don’t invite me
To those facebook applications
Please let me be free
From these constant invitations!

Mafia bosses drive me crazy, the superpoking causes pain
Please don’t try to get me to join your fluff-pet game again
I just wanted to connect with all my friends around the world
But I saw them filling quizzes – the results had made me hurl


So if you update your status, and you write notes on my wall
I’ll be happy that I met you and I won’t forget to call
But the games that you are playing, can you keep them to your self
I don’t want to be a zombie, or a pirate or an elf!