Patience of a Programmer

<b>Patience of a Programmer</b>

TTTO “Temper of Revenge” by Julia Ecklar

I was sworn to fix now this giant source
Though the bugs in it were not a few
It is needed today, so the customer cried
They told me, “it is up to you”

I started at noon, compiled the code
Saved a change and once more to compile
A mistake I made, it was simple to see
And the errors and warnings would pile

The clock went on, my task did not
The bugs, to the last, were all there
The deadline loomed, it has made me afraid
All I do is just tear out my hair

So find me a prompt, as bright as the sun
Find me a shell that will make the code run
I will program ‘till dawn, ‘till the sun’s in the sky
Though each time that I run it, anew it will die

Bring me “e d”, perhaps “v i”
Whenever it breaks I will let out a cry
I will patch it and change it ‘till I will grow old
For this feature was already sold

I’ve been on this issue for day and night
The moon has rose, soon it will set
I’m out of my wits, I don’t know what to do
And the bugs – I have not fixed them yet

Who wrote this crap, a man or beast
It was surely no rational soul
I know this was done to offend me and mine
To frustrate me – that was the goal

I will make this thing work, I promise now
A promise I make with my heart
Though it kill me yet, or my sanity flee
Or my mind, be it sundered apart