My Guitar

Tune: original

Inspired by Vixy&Tony’s “Six String Love”

I like to play on my guitar, I guess I’m not alone
It’s fun to play when I’m with friends, it’s fun just on my own
I like to practice chords I know, I like to learn some more
For playing just the power chords can make you such a bore

For when I play, the people near, they tend to look at me
And since I like attention, it is just my cup of tea
I like it when they stare, and I still like it when they gawk
It’s fun when they are silent, but I don’t mind when they talk

My guitar, she is so light,
And my guitar she is so mine
For me alone she is so right
I just adore her slick design

My air guitar is never wrong, it’s rare she’s out of tune
To breakage and string snapping, I’m so lucky she’s immune
It’s air that she is made of, and it’s air on which I play
The sounds she is making, well, inside my head they stay