No Such Vampire

TTTO “No such Thing”, Zander Nyrond

On a day of wind and rain, my daughter said to me:
“The caves are full of things today, oh mommy, can’t you see?”
“What kind of things?” I asked her, as my face was growing pale
“There’s demons and vampires, they kill in Sunnydale”
So I sat her at the table, and I looked all motherly
And I told her “Stop this foolishness and listen well to me”

There’s no such thing as demons
The vampires are not real
If you can’t face reality
Your mind we’ll have to heal

But now my daughter’s quiet, and denial is my game
I wash the blood from clothes worn, ignoring what’s to blame
And I know it’s not forever, for a slayer has to die
That day we’ll stand around the plot, say platitudes and cry
We will choose a careful wording for the headstone on the grave
For the world will still not know of her, the world she died to save