No Such Fantasy

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Original: No Such Thing (Zander Nyrond)

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On a day of wind and rain my daughter said to me:
“The clouds are full of things today, oh mommy, can you see?”
“What kind of things?” I asked her as the clouds went rushing by.
“There’s elves and and dwarves and dragons all marching in the sky.”
I took her from the window and I sat her on my knee,
And I told her “Stop this foolishness and listen well to me…”


There’s no such thing as dragons,
And there’s no such thing as elves.
They’re creatures out of fantasy
Of tales we tell our selves

But now my daughter’s quiet and she spends too long with friends,
To save a maid from dragons, she’ll walk to kingdom’s ends
And I know that one day soon now, when she’s old enough to care
She’ll want to take the games outside and LARP in open air
And she’ll learn about the foam swords, and she’ll paste on elven ears
And in spite of all our trying, she will live out our worst fears

For – [CHORUS]