Operation: Bug storm

TTTO Tom Smith’s “Operation: Desert Storm”

The coffe’s burning and black when it’s poured in the cup
My gut is churning as this is the tenth I drink up
Nothing to do, but to drink this, or else I will sleep
I can’t afford that, or go home, in this I’m stuck deep

The bugs that I have must be fixed ere release
Before they are solved I will not have much peace
I’ll get that thing to work if this is the last thing I do

If Murphy’s Laws are religion, I must be a saint.
For every pointer that’s good, well, it suddenly ain’t
A thousand errors and warnings in every compile
And as I see this I find I must choke down some bile

From off-by-one-errors to bugs in design
There must be an error in each second line
I’ll get that thing to work if this is the last thing I do

The hours go by, the clock says that it’s almost two
And by tommorow, I think that the deadline is due
Got little time left, the code still is far off from done
My work’s not ended, my God, it is hardly begun

But my super genius will fix all that crap,
And all that I need is avoiding a nap
And I’ll get it working – perhaps I should try something new.

My debugger crashed, and I’m left with only my screams
My printing of logs worked just fine, until I mixed the streams
My screen had blue death, it was weird, I’m not using MS
My hard drive is filled with the files that I wrote from this mess

But I’m smarter, I’m stronger, it’s just a machine
Why does it insist not to do what I mean
And I’ll get that thing to work if it’s the last thing I do!

…. Eureka! That’s it!