Technology Goes Marching On

TTTO “Lifa Ha’Eglon” by Arik Einstein

When I was young, the cells and phones
Were seperate and quite alone
But now they have been so combined, you see
So people call when on the road
And not just in their own abode
In constant touch, these people tend to be

Technology goes marching on
There’s so much new beneath the sun
And we’re upgrading without fail
Oh, hey, you there, you have got mail

So now we surf the web, world wide
Where from the news we cannot hide
With RSS and blogs and instant news
We have search engines, wikis too
To learn so much more than we knew
Of people strange and stranger still their views


So chips grow smaller, faster still
They don’t stop, and we doubt they will
So laptops are so cheap and yet so light
We find the wi-fi when we need
A blog to write or one to read
We update, chat and write into the night


The future, friends, is coming soon
It’s not that bad, it is a boon
And yet we still do not have cars that fly
And paper still has stayed right here
Although I think the time is near
For paper to wave off and say good-bye