You Are Mine

TTTO “Wildmage” by me, tune by Peter Alway (“Telynor”)

Yes, I do feel dirty parodying my own stuff. But Steve Savtizky said I could!

Bounties you give to me, cause me to thank
For I know it is no small a task
I’ll take what’s mine, as will befit my rank
All that you have’s mine to ask

You are my larder,
When full, it is harder
To stand fast, not fall for your charms
The food is my dream and to it I am slave
When close to it I can’t behave

I’ll fill you friend, with the food I have bought
So much that it makes my friends sick
When I was young, to eat less I was taught
Now, this old habit I’ll kick


You are now full, but it won’t be for long
I know I will eat well today
It feels so good that it just can’t be wrong
I don’t care how much I’ll weigh