The Page After Last

TTTO Brooke Lunderville’s “The Last Page”

I finished your book and
I don’t like the real world
Your world, seems to me, is more true

The writing was great,
And the reader was willing
And until the fat lady has sung –
T’ain’t over

I just want to be there again – only this time
With my love, to spare heroes some pain
To write of your magic, to make heroes villains
As through cannon I happily romp

I stare at that last page and
Close my eyes briefly and
The key for the music is there

Before it is over
The lyrics I must share
As it fits the score
That I planned


I have the dwarf gently
Fall in love with the elf
As they play such a wonderful game

There’s only one cure
For their feelings of love
Start a new fic and
Keep writing

So I romp